I Run and I Observe

This may be the only blog that ever gets authored by me, but I will be able to say I’ve blogged. I’m a runner that’s learning to live without the vices that were taking me out of life. Running is a tool that I use to help me overcome a life where I used cigarettes and beer to handle my travel through this life. Unfortunately they were decreasing my chances of it being a long journey. I gave up alcohol on July 4th 2011 and cigarettes the following day and started running. I started with a 5K jog around my neighborhood that took me just under an hour to complete. That is where the spark caught fire and I’ve been trying to improve ever since. I push too hard most if not all of the time, that doesn’t mean I win gold medals, I push my body beyond what in theroy is, its capabilities are. Yes, I have incurred injuries. I’ve learned to run through some and others have run me to the couch. Couch time has been used to learn about the injury and ways to avoid the injury again. Completed my first marathon at just over 6 months of running, the 2nd came 6 weeks later. Should I have run them? No, if I had it to do over again would I? Yes! There in lie the reason I completed the 3rd marathon at 16 months of running. What I’ve learned about running is there are guidelines and parameters to follow for the average runner, the runners I’ve met are not average and have done extrodinary things, so I tend to follow their rules, which is, rules are for average runners.There is nothing wrong with the rules, but coming from a life where I was trapped on the couch, I feel more alive than ever pushing the limits of my body. I am getting better about not spending time on the couch injured, but I do still push to the limit. Marathon 4 is approaching quick, it will get here before my 2 year anniversary of running. The body will rise to the level that a person takes it to is a base belief of mine. I jumped in at the marathon level and am teaching my body that this is where the fun is. I’m also slow when it comes to the marathon which allows me to meet people and learn about their journey. 5 hours of running you can meet a lot of people, I’d rather be meeting them at the finish line after running a BQ time but that’s a ways off. This blog will be a chronicle of that journey.


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