Life’s Intervals

Its been a while since l last wrote. Not that there has been that much going on, but there has. Training regiment is top priority again and I’m good with that. During the time of not being able to train, I felt out of touch with a great many things.
It was a unscheduled revisit to my past for the most part. Not having direction and looking to get through my days and survive my weeks. Running afforded some structure as I discovered training for my first marathon. As I continued to grow as a runner I was able incorporate things into my life other than eat, train, work and sleep.
During the 4 month sabbatical I had excessive time to do “all” the things that I thought I was missing put on during training. Turns out I wasn’t missing much. Its like the the recovery lap after an interval, its really needed and appreciated moments after the end of the exercision period. Not long after we catch our breath and are ready to go again. It is the repetitive challenge of improving myself that I find most appealing now.
I was fortunate enough to hear a talk given by Deena Kastor this morning, she  has a good message and this was the 2nd time that I’ve been able to listen to her. The 2004 Bronze medalist in the marathon is her claim to fame, her message far exceeds that. As I listened today, she spoke of recovery days after workouts. I’ve been paying attention to those as of late as to not fall into over training and body breakdown. She also spoke and not feeling at her best a few weeks ago just before breaking the Master’s record for the marathon. Chances are I will not break any Master’s records unless I live to be 110.
As I sat gathering inspiration from her, I walked away with train hard, but take care of the body. The kick ass mesage that hit me was regardless of how you feel and no matter how many doubts seem to show up on race day, lace up and go. As in life, it may not start out like we plan, but its not how we start. It is however and how we finish. If starting a challenge and all the difficult stuff shows up early, the end of that challenge will be tolerable and smooth.

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