Accountability has been on my mind a lot. Since being able to run regular again a lot of things that I didn’t realize had dissipated from my life are starting to return. Not discounting the obvious things like the feel good after a workout and the stress relieving factors.
The thing that I didn’t know that I’d missed until lately is accountability. My social networking page contains a lot of useless and humorous post covering the obscure to the out of bounds. I also post a lot about running and the active lifestyle. Having not been able to run for the better part of 4 months I couldn’t post about about what running I’d done. There in lie a problem I didn’t know I had.
You see some years ago God offered me running as a tool to help change my life. All I was asked to do is put left in front of right and tell the story. For those that know me, I do like telling a story. Story telling is an art that’s being lost to 140 characters or less, but that’s another rant for another time. My story today is about I’ve done.
I use my running community as an accountability board. Some of my accomplishments are boasts, but being human is still allowed. When I post my mileage or workout it has multiple effects. Hopefully a person at minimum, might see what I do and say “I can do that too” and become a member of our active society. It also allows me to let people that I know that I am continuing to maintain my active lifestyle.
In this community we often say, post or yell about our upcoming runs or races. Once having gone public in that fashion we are apt to hold up our end of the deal by the pressure of accountability. Many a day I’ve tried or wanted to blow off a workout or run, but having gone public with my active lifestyle, I drag my ass out of bed and do the task at hand.
Accountability is sacrificing the less important for the more important.
We all run for various reasons that are extremely important to each and every one of us, some even overlap as the same. We are all part of one tribe by my point of view. Whether your reason is to run a marathon in every state, run faster than everybody else, run to leave problems behind for a better life or run just to be social, we are all held accountable in those realms and aspects. Thanks for being my accountant.

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