Sunshine in the Rain

As another week of training closes, hope for the next week begins. Lots of rain during training lately. Rain is a reminder that we have to deal with things when they aren’t perfect. It feels like I have to dig a little deeper to workout when it rains. Chances are I don’t dig any deeper or any less.
We do seem to remember rainy day events more than sunny day events probably due to the less frequent occurrence of the rainy day. Rain or not, training has gone on. Health is improving as my health improves, seems redundant, but it is true. 3 solid weeks of training have now occured and with the help of the meds and exercise, it is the best I’ve felt in over a year now. Each day that I get better let’s me know how bad I really did feel.
Later next week I start the next phase of healing medically and will start training a little more intensely as well. Not sure how the cessation of meds for a week and the radioactive iodine will affect my energy levels and training, but that’s the way it all comes together. Not beginning marathon training just yet, but will train for 8 weeks to see what I can do in a 5k.
The 5k is a more “normal” way to return to running. That in itself will be new training  for me. I often wondered if jumping in at the marathon level when I started running was too much. I still say it wasn’t and would do it all the same given the opportunity to start over. Still one of the greatest things that’s ever happened to me.
Now I’m a little more seasoned as a runner and know with all the health issues that I have right now, easing back in is more tolerable for the body. It is the body that we have to convince to do what it does. Convincing mine to run faster is the new task. How fast is yet to be seen, but with continued effort I will soon find out. Training is, one might say, the sunshine of my life.

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2 Responses to Sunshine in the Rain

  1. rarunnergirl says:

    Love it! Happy training. However, we may need to trade our shoes for a canoe.

    • rfhodges says:

      Yea looks like we are in for some more. The track was covered with water for our track workout so I might be a little better prepared, not faster, but prepared.

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