Run On Sentences

The imperfect circle of life continues. Much has changed in recent weeks yet it all remains the same. Running has improved as of late in direct proportion to effect of the meds I’ve been taking. Going from basically not running at all, I’d run ever so often just to see where I was physically, to running a normal 4 workouts per week has been the improvement.
As it improves other things are improving as well. Desire to improve is one of the best things to have returned. Having run, swim and workout over the last year only to watch my body decay per se has not been fun. It has taken the desire to continue my #getactive #stayactive approach to life at times. Being reminded in all this is the importance of being physically well to reinforce my mental and spiritual health as well.
Having all three on the mend, even in brief spurts, is enough hope to hold onto until the final stages of healing get here. Over the last 4 months running has been sparce. I’ve gone from every couple to 3 weeks to having run 2 training weeks in a row. Further improvement will come as I’ve decided to treat my Grave’s disease with the radioactive iodine treatment. This will reduce my thyroid from the hyperactive stage to a hypo stage, which the Dr informs me will be more manageable.
Being more manageable is a desirable trait. Marathon training can not exist without being manageable. Deep down the desire to run a marathon or in my case marathons has returned. My desires are significant in healing I tell ya.
The marathon is not yet scheduled nor any other race at this point. The training for training for a race (5k) has begun though. With 2 weeks being the longest I’ve trained in many months I am extremely hopeful for the future. My past allows me just enough hesitation to be cautious of the pitfalls yet to come. As in life we conquer those pitfalls with desire to move on. I’ve been moving at times not feeling on, but today I do.

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