It Must be Perseverance

As my training week has now concluded, a lot of nothing and some of everything has happened. It is the most mileage I’ve logged in 6 weeks. There have been some good miles in there and or I’m getting accustomed to this situation. Writing today’s blog is exemplary of how my week has gone. I’ve dressed and shown up, but after that it’s been unpredictable.

I’d start the runs with hesitation in preparation for the suck. The suck has shown up in different places this week. The past couple of weeks its been right around mile 2, this week it did push out past the 2 1/2 mile mark. I’ve been trying to have gas at the end of run. Bringing back efficiency to my runs as I did when in marathon training. Although I am trying to focus on speed this year, I’m having to revisit “gas in tank” philosophy. Starting and finishing at the same pace  will bring strength back.

Focusing on being strong in my run was the mental focus early in the week, that run usually sets the tone for the week. During that run I kept focus on breathing and heat rate. I discovered running short of my heart palpitations does help with my breathing. Palpitations have been part of me and running for a long time. In the last year they have become increasingly more prominent and annoying. I’m sure a Dr would disagree with my gauge of effort, but those are the same ones that practiced for almost year to diagnose me with Grave’s, so I’m a won’t judge them by their efforts.

On we go with effort being a key player. My runs are full of effort, setting pace per mile aside, I’ve been giving better effort than some of my past marathon training. It is the key ingredient to my #getactive #stayactive philosophy. My reflections this week have been more on how far I’ve come than where I’m not. Having to run my lessor mileage loops has been a check on my ego, but a great reminder of where I started. 18 min miles is where it began.

I’ve seen some fast 7 min paces as well. I’m not there right now. That’s where perseverance comes in. I, like all the other runners. am out there giving it what I’ve got when I can. Others are blessed with a tail wind that keeps them flying around the streets and trails, others are blessed with endurance to run around or to other cities and towns. I’m not yet blessed with those traits, but we all have perseverance. We all give our best effort to improve the situations we are in, whether it be nursing injury or training for the Olympics. #getactive #stayactive

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