Some Like it Hot

Summer brings on hot topics, pun intended. For years I’ve enjoyed running in the hot part of the day. It is a cleansing process on many levels. I also believe that it helps add endurance to runners. Up until this summer, I’ve enjoyed the easy, hot, long runs. From hot I’ve read about Grave’s disease, it talks about heat sensitivity. Due to my shortened weekly mileage I’ve been attributing my difficulty in the heat to lessening fitness level.

Fitness level withstanding, the heat has become an nemesis. Today’s run started well and I held back in the beginning. By  holding back, I wanted energy for the end of my run. I’m not talking about a 14 mile run, this is being done for a 4 mile. After 2 miles, things seemed to be going well. A quarter mile later things started deteriorating. Having encountered the mental twist of should I stop or continue many times before, I just brought my goals closer. Bringing goals closer from a mile out to a quarter mile out, have been used many times before to get through those temporary spots in a run that feel bad.

I continued on, completing the quarter mile goal and readjusting for the next 3 quarters. Making it to mile 3 my body temp become too much. At this point I started doubting my ability to complete Badwater. I know, crazy as it sounds, that thought really did pop into my head. Badwater you ask? Well, I never really considered running Badwater with the exception of right up to the point where I’ve decided to now not run it. Now you see where the title Bobservationrun comes from. The random thoughts that travel with me during run.

Now back to today’s run. Making it to mile 3 deserved a cool down break. Found a water spigot on an unoccupied building and proceeded to cool down. After couple minutes of cool down, I was back on the road. Fresh thoughts for the last mile were quickly drowned out by the heat again. I was amazed at how quickly my body temp returned to “too friggin hot!” Found another shade tree cooled down for another couple of minutes. Started back with a 90 sec run followed by a 90 sec walk for the remainder of my run. As I cover the ground coming back home, I decided this is my speed work. 15 min pace in a walk run as speed work brought smile to my face. That in turn reminded my why I run. It is about the smiles.

Even though I’d focused on the grind of the run, the pain of the heat and hurdles of Grave’s disease, I was still able to gain in all aspects of the run. I’m still in the research and appraisal stage of all of this. My goals are to run faster, I don’t keep that a secret. I would like to run a sub 20 5K. I had a lot of work in front of me before, now I have a little more work in front of me. Working to improve in a run has been what it’s been about all along. With improvements made in my ability to run, I’ve also made gains in life. If you don’t like the heat get out of the kitchen. It applies in many ways, so bring on the heat.

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3 Responses to Some Like it Hot

  1. I would never run Badwater either. Me and the heat and humidity do not get along at all!

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